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Ryanair boss urges rival airlines to help him close down metasearch

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has fired a broadside against flight price comparison websites, claiming they “make no sense” and “shouldn’t exist”.   More »

More than 100 TMCs sign up for Lufthansa portal to avoid €16 GDS fee

More than 100 UK travel management companies (TMCs) and agencies have signed up to Lufthansa’s web portal to avoid paying a €16 fee for GDS bookings from September, says the carrier.   More »

Start-up luggage transfer service launches at Gatwick

A London-based travel tech start-up has launched a luggage transfer service at Gatwick Airport.  More »

Analysis: How airline websites fare in the SEO battle

As the online marketplace within travel and flights continues to become more saturated, there is an increasing reliance on maintaining and growing your organic traffic to reduce advertising costs.  More »

Interview: How the original NDC concept was killed by consumer choice and market forces

Iata’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) as originally conceived is “dead and buried” having gained acceptance after its controversial emergence, a leading figure at Amadeus believes.   More »

End of French hotels' price parity prompts fears of peak season chaos

Hotels in France are to be granted “unprecedented control” to dictate prices across all online channels from next month’s holiday peak period, it is being claimed.  More »

Heathrow Express targets full GDS coverage to raise profile and bookings

Heathrow Express is targeting making the company’s tickets bookable through all the major Global Distribution Systems.  More »

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