Six OTAs plug in to SiteMinder's connectivity platform

By Travolution
By Travolution
May 15, 2013 10:06 AM GMT

Six online travel agencies and booking platforms in Europe and Asia will gain direct connections to hotel booking systems.

They have connected with SiteMinder’s real time Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) via the company’s channel connectivity API, SiteConnect.

The OTAs that have plugged into the RDX channel connectivity platform are UK luxury hotel site Prestigia, Hong Kong-based Best Hotel Online, Spanish site Hotusa, Indonesian OTAs PegiPegi and Yuktravel and Asia Pacific luxury hotel site ImpluseFlyer.

SiteMinder product manager Matt O’Kane said connectivity challenges faced by fast-growing OTAs and established wholesalers around the world had seen an increase in the number of booking sites plugging into SiteMinder’s RDX platform.

The two-way access gives the booking sites a seamless connection to global Property Management Systems and Central Reservation Systems.

He said: “These six new connections will help hotels around the world gain more efficient access to the growing markets that are serviced by each of these booking sites.

“On the flip side, booking sites will also find that more properties will connect into their platforms due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness provided by the SiteMinder solution.”


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